Where do you find Property Valuer in Melbourne?

Due to the tremendous growth that we have experienced certified property valuers Melbourne has added Romanweb.net to our domains. All new users will get Romanweb.net addresses. The only changes you will see will be through web email and on the support pages. Please look at the settings carefully and if you have an email address of [email protected] then always use the settings that say romanweb.net and if you have an email address of [email protected] then use the settings for romanweb.com. If you have any questions regarding this please let us know.
New v.90 56k Standard Announced!
The International Telecommunications Union (ITU-T) has “Determined” a technical standard outlining the method for communicating at 56K. This “Determination” is now available for modem manufacturers to implement. In fact, some manufacturers, like 3Com/USRobotics, have already posted modem upgrades to the v.90 standard. Romanweb will make an announcement as soon as the v.90 standard is supported.

Just as with the release of x2, the end-user modems are available before the Service Provider equipment, and distributors are telling us it will be June before any upgrades ship. In the meantime, be sure any upgrade that you apply to your modem is backwards compatible with existing 56k technologies

Two Weeks FREE!
Refer any new subscriber and we’ll give you 2 weeks of Internet Access FREE!* We believe word-of-mouth is the best form of advertising and we’d like to reward you for your referrals. Just send us an email whenever anyone you refer signs up for at least 3-months and we’ll give you 2 weeks on us! It’s just our way of saying Thanks!

[email protected]

Romanweb Gift Certificates
Looking for any last minute gift ideas? Why not give Internet Access with an Romanweb Gift Certificate? Plus, if you sign them up for at least 3-months, you get the two week referral credit! It’s like giving yourself two weeks free! Contact [email protected] for more information

Romanweb Software
Download the new Romanweb Dial-up and Internet Explorer Software. Click on the following to download the software:

Internet Explorer 5 and 128-bit Encryption. This downloadable version will only work if you download and install the Romanweb Security Certificate below. Updated (9/22/99)

Romanweb Dial-Up Connection

Check Your Email Online!
To check your email online go to http://secure.romanweb.com/webmail. If you need assistance with this please email [email protected]
Download Romanweb’s Security Certificate!
This will allow you to go to our secure pages and make changes such as password changes. Click here to download it! When you click on it choose Open and then click install Certificate.

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